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My Work


The story of Noralba, the woman behind the startup norAlba, a female run organisation working with displaced indigenous Colombians to create fairtrade jewellery based on their Emberá culture.

In search of the Light


In development


Two friends set out on a journey into the Colombian jungle to make a film and search for some spiritual meaning to their lives...eventually finding each other.

Sufi, Saint & Swinger


The tragic story of an American music virtuoso who found in 1970's Iran the love and acceptance he never received back home, and who was punished by his country upon his return after the Iranian revolution

El Salvador: Life at Any Price


Investigative documentary for Al Jazeera exploring the strict abortion laws in El Salvador with reporter Sarah Spiller. In this film we meet women who have been jailed for forty years, the activists helping them and the doctors, politicians and religious figures turning a blind eye.

The Poppy Estate



The Poppy Estate is a short documentary about a London council estate doing things a bit differently. The film follows four characters who have made the effort to transform their otherwise neglected public space. This project was commissioned by Siemens as part of their 'City stories project' involving ten filmmakers from around the world telling a story about sustainability in their city. 

For Gaia


A short film about Brazilian conservationist Vitoria Riva da Carvalho who founded the Cristalino Foundation and  Cristalino Jungle Lodge in the Southern part of the Amazon rainforest. Nestled in the heart of cattle ranching country, Mato grosso State, the area is at constant threat of deforestation. Vitoria uses the lodge to protect the forest through sustainable tourism and educational workshops. 

Lost in the Muqam



'Lost in the Muqam' follows Mahmut Mehmut, a Uyghur musician in China's Xinjing province, as he struggles to find an audience. The Uyghurs are one of China's Muslim ethnic minorities and are losing many traditions under Chinese rule. Can Mahmut's music survive in an ever changing and increasingly hostile environment?

Pretty Girls


Shot in the run up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this documentary follows a young sex worker in a Beijing massage parlour. Aifeng, like so many other migrant workers in modern China, is struggling to support her family back home. When the shop is forced to close and she loses her job, Aifeng faces her biggest challenge yet.


I'm a British Chinese documentary filmmaker and anthropologist based between Colombia and the UK. During film school (LFS) I directed several shorts in China including 'Pretty Girls' which premiered at the Women Make Waves festival and 'Lost in the Muqam' which aired on Al Jazeera. I moved to Beijing after graduating and worked with Chinese director Chen Shi Zheng on a multimedia project for Kronos Quartet, and with Teneighty Productions on various documentaries and commercials in China and around Asia including a 4D production for Wanda/Disney. I have continued to make short films in the UK and Latin America for companies including Actionaid, Siemens and Al Jazeera. In 2016 I set up Bardo Films with Andres Borda in Colombia. We recently completed our first feature documentary 'Sufi, Saint & Swinger', with Openvizor and have several projects in development. 


Email: camilla@bardofilms.co
Tel: +573154740888 (Colombia)
       +447910130560 (UK)